Your Criminal Defense Attorney

Robert Fogg is a Buffalo, NY attorney whose hard work in criminal law and criminal defense will help you get the best possible outcome. You have the right to a qualified, dedicated criminal defense attorney in Buffalo, New York. Hiring a criminal defense lawyer is something most people will not worry about until the unthinkable happens. Mr. Fogg’s areas of practice in criminal law includes, but is not limited to, the following areas:

  • DWI:

    It is very important that you contact a Robert Fogg's firm as soon as possible after receiving a DWI. Depending on your circumstance you will need a strong attorney to keep you driving, if possible, and to present your case in court. The difference between a strong DWI defense and a weak one can mean the difference between a permanent criminal record, and no record at all. Robert Fogg will also address any fines you are charged and any jail time you may face.


    Mr. Fogg’s knowledge of New York State law and the local courts will be a benefit to you in your shoplifting case. A good criminal defense lawyer is a must to ensure the best possible outcome for your case.


    Drug charges are extremely serious in New York State. Mr. Fogg is a lawyer with the expertise to fight on your behalf. Mr. Fogg’s knowledge of New York and federal laws has been applied in this area to help many of his clients secure reduced sentences as well as win cases outright for dismissal.


    If it is important that you have a lawyer who is familiar with burglary charges, then Mr. Fogg is the attorney you should call in the Buffalo, NY area. He has successfully handled many of these case in Buffalo, NY courts.


    This is a very serious charge in New York state and you need an attorney that can help fight these charges aggressively. Mr. Fogg will handle your case to ensure the best possible outcome in court.